Amy Mckenzie

I am an artist whose medium is pencil and mosaic.

The pencil expresses my precision for detail while the mosaic allows me more freedom along with color.

It was my grandfather, Homer, who inspired me to draw.

Homer was a fabulous cartoonist. He was always drawing whimsical characters. He was even offered a job at the Walt Disney studios. However, raising a family in the 40’s he chose the career of an engineer at the Rad Labs in Berkeley, CA. I have often thought, what if he had taken that job at Disney….

Norman Rockwell’s art touched me when I was a young teen. How I wish life nowadays could resemble a Norman Rockwell painting.

I started drawing celebrities around the age of seventeen. I have a hate-love experience when I start drawing people. We all have the same features but I need to capture that unique DNA, shall I say, to get the likeness.

I only draw celebrities for I know and can recognize when I have captured the person and that’s when I love the drawing.

I have had a fun experience with my celebrity drawings. My drawings have allowed me to meet many great entertainers, mostly country music performers.

I get my drawing autographed, and what an experience that has been.

I love drawing animals, and tend to stay away from landscapes. The good old graphite pencil does not do much for such natural beauty.

I don’t spend enough time on my art, but when I do, it allows me to escape from this crazy world we are living in.

I will continue to keep my pencil sharp and doodle as my grandfather taught me.

Collecting Celebrity Autographs

This is an article I wrote for Collector’s Corner that tells about my adventures collecting celebrity autographs. To link to the article click here.